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Microsoft’s new advice for securing Active Directory does customers a disservice by focusing on the wrong things. Tomorrow’s “Zero Trust” and Azure roadmaps won’t stop today’s ransomware epidemic. Enterprises need to protect the Active Directory they’ve already got.

While I would not call this a trend, I have noticed that lots of security companies like to put together impressive-looking charts, graphs and reports that purport to compare various metrics by country. Here are two recent examples:

Much ink has been spilled over the recent AOL and Yahoo announcements that they will charge marketers five cents per e-mail to guarantee delivery of their mail, thus bypassing their spam filters.

Lots of people been rendered spitting mad by the plan. Three things seem obvious to me about how and why these plans came about:

An open letter to all anti-virus software makers: February 2, 2006 Dear Antivirus Industry, Why are you so addicted to the term “blended threat”? It seems to mean something special to you… but it means nothing to anybody else.
Many readers know that my day job is as a security technology analyst for Yankee Group. Well, it’s about that time of year where we start to wind down our research calendar.