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One Prediction for 2008: Site-Specific Browsers

I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes two or three “pings” for an idea to seep into my consciousness. I just got my second “ping” on a potentially Big Idea: site-specific browsers (SSBs).

Web 2.0 Means “Security the Max Power Way”

Last week my Yankee Group research report “The Web 2.0 Security Train Wreck” went live on the Yankee website, and is available to our customers. Douglas Crockford, a very smart and informed web application expert at Yahoo, who I interviewed for the report, gave it a generally positive review. I sent him a courtesy copy, as is our practice.

The Natives are Restless

Many readers know that my day job is as a security technology analyst for Yankee Group. Well, it’s about that time of year where we start to wind down our research calendar.

The Cybertrust Zotob Study: Read Between the Lines

Rudolph Araujo, a contributor to the mailing list, forwarded on a link to a Red Herring article about a new Cybertrust study on the impact of the Zotob worm by Russ Cooper.

Cybertrust has an interesting model… when major security incidents happen, they make a habit of canvassing a wide group of companies that have agreed to participate. Looks like they are up to about 700 or so participants, not all of which are their customers. I actually really like and appreciate that Cybertrust takes the time to do this, although in this particular example I think they raised more questions than they answered.