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Review of Stephen Few’s “Information Dashboard Design, Second Edition”

Stephen Few’s new book offers sage advice about how to communicate data and insights efficiently.

Cybersecurity for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networks

Billions of internet-connected devices are now online and talking amongst themselves. To secure them, vendors need to design them to avoid surprises they didn’t intend.

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“Everything was green. Mulally thought that was odd for a company losing billions.”

Real leaders create environments where risks can be discussed candidly.

Bully for BlackBerry. But Is It Too Late?

Last week Research In Motion announced three things: It had renamed itself to BlackBerry It would soon ship two new BlackBerry 10-compatible devices, the Q10 (with keyboard) and Z10 (touchscreen only) It had shipped the new BlackBerry Enterprise Service, version 10 These three announcements, taken together, signaled the end of a long period of frustration for customers, employees and shareholders.

Four Things To Like About Obama’s Executive Order on Cyber-Security... and Four to Dislike

During his State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, President Obama announced an Executive Order on Cyber-Security. The full text is available in many places, including Wired.

Moving to Octopress

Soon, I will be moving the website to a simpler, secure and more usable system—the same platform that powers Markerbench. It should be done in time for Mini-Metricon (March 1st, 2013).