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Metrics from Internet Identity Workshop

Andrew Jaquith Andrew Jaquith Follow May 15, 2007 · 1 min read
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This week, I am attending two security shows: the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in Mountain View, and the CardTech show in San Francisco. Both of these venues offer contrasting views of the portable identity market, an area I cover professionally for Yankee Group. As many people who know me can personally testify, I like to count things. Here a few statistics that will probably interest only me:

  • # attendees at Internet Identity Workshop: 150
  • # attendees from US Department of Defense: 1
  • # conference sessions on identity: about 40
  • # conference sessions explicitly devoted to identity theft and fraud: 1
  • # personal computers observed at general session, 10:10 AM today: 46
  • % of general session computers that were Macs: 55% (25/46)
  • % of Macs that were MacBook Pros (that is, less than a year old): 90%
  • # OpenID replying parties in November 2006: 550
  • # OpenID RPs today: 2500
  • # personal computers observed at Microsoft-sponsored working session on CardSpace: 14
  • % of Macs at Microsoft session: 42% (6/14)
Andrew Jaquith
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