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Alex Hutton Likes “Security Metrics”

Andrew Jaquith Andrew Jaquith Follow Apr 03, 2007 · 1 min read
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Alex Hutton was one of the editorial reviewers for several chapters of Security Metrics, and offered some excellent feedback during the writing stages. Now that the book has shipped, as a way of saying “thank-you” my publisher Addison-Wesley hooked him up with a copy. Alex seems to like the rest of the book, too:

A Book You Should Buy

Finally, I’d like to point you to this. It’s a book every analyst should own, written by a very smart person (Andrew Jaquith), and filled with - mostly - very good material… Metrics are great, but there are so many, many ways to get them wrong… Do go out and obtain a copy for yourself and/or your analysts. You won’t be disappointed. It’s one of those books you’ll actually use.

Thanks so much, Alex! When I see you at MetriCon 2.0 later this year, you’ve got a beer coming to you.

Andrew Jaquith
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