SSL is a Concrete Sewer Pipe

Andrew Jaquith Andrew Jaquith Follow Jan 03, 2007 · 1 min read
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My buddy Gunnar Peterson has recently been raging about the inadequacies of REST security, pointing out that RESTful folks who equate transport-level confidentiality (such as SSL provides) with “security” are only partly right. Gunnar makes some fairly involved references (Neal Stephenson) to make the point.

Of course, Gunnar is right.

When I speak with people about application security, I try to use a few snappy analogies to drive the point home. And with respect to the difference between transport-level security and message-level security, the analogy I use is to compare SSL to a concrete sewer pipe. You may not be able to break into it, but you sure as hell have no idea what’s flowing through it.

Andrew Jaquith
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